Innovative approach benefits Ballance

Ballance Agri-Nutrients is New Zealand’s leading fertiliser and feed specialist, providing farmers with nutrient management advice, products and technology. The 100 percent farmer-owned co-operative also produces a range of industrial products, including GoClear, which is manufactured at the company’s plant in Taranaki.

The Challenge

To reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles, Ballance developed GoClear – a clear, colourless liquid that is injected into the exhaust system of diesel vehicles, where it converts nitrogen oxides into water vapour and nitrogen gas. The GoClear website was receiving minimal traffic from its target audience. Ballance wanted to be innovative in promoting the brand and differentiating itself using a location-based smartphone app. With limited budget and no experience in the mobile space, Ballance sought an experienced partner.

The Solution

After reviewing provider offerings, Datacom was chosen to deliver based on its pre-existing relationship with Ballance and its honest approach. This project was an ideal opportunity for Datacom to demonstrate its rapid user-centric build approach, which involves getting the right people together for a highly pressured and restricted period of time. Both teams had to get out of BAU environments, so we bunked up in a bach and set about injecting innovation into a bespoke app.

Using a co-design and iterative approach, Android 4.0+ and iOS7 apps were designed through user feedback and testing.

End-users and Ballance staff evolved their thinking to create a specific application that has huge environmental potential. Truck drivers use the app to locate service stations that sell GoClear and take their fuel cards.

“The customer focus, creative thinking and speed of the Datacom team made the app development process a joy. Can’t wait until the next time.”

Terry Smith – Process and Chemicals Manager, Ballance

  • Bespoke app deployed to iOS and Android within three weeks
  • Intelligence and creativity drawn from Ballance and Datacom created a solution using a modern methodology
  • Engaged the business and its wider community from the outset
  • Commitment to Ballance’s roadmap of customer-centric innovation
  • Proved our promise to Ballance – we are now looking at phase two of the app
Technologies delivered
  • iOS7 application
  • Android 4.0 + application

The Partnership

The highly interactive and engaging relationship between Datacom and Ballance created a solution that could be retrofitted into a useable app in a very short period of time. Commitment from both parties encouraged a strong and vibrant working relationship.